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What is the official The Lumineers App and where can I download it?


General Membership Questions

What are the benefits of The Big Parade Official Fan Club Membership?  

What is the cost of The Big Parade Official Fan Club Membership?

How do I renew my membership?

How do I change my shipping address?

How do I get my annual fanclub gift?

How can I see my original sign up date?

Can I purchase a Big Parade Official Fan Club Membership for a friend or family member?



Early access to ticket pre-sales

Do I get access to ticket pre-sales as a member of the fanclub?

Where do I find my presale code?

Am I guaranteed tickets in the presale?


How do I get exclusive fanclub merchandise?

What is the fanclub merchandise discount?


We are so excited to announce that we’re wiping the slate clean for an all new FAN CLUB experience in 2020!  The Big Parade has launched a NEW points program that gives you a chance to earn real rewards! We know your status as a Lumineers fan is important to you and this new system will in no way affect your seniority (we have the date you joined on file!), but will instead amplify your membership.


Ways you can start earning points today:

1- Daily Login

1- Like Content

5- Post in Forum

2- Comment on a Forum or Feed Post

2- Another User Likes Your Comment

2- Share

1- Watch Video

1- Read Article

3- Fill Out Poll

3- Take a Quiz

25- Check In @ Show

Fans can now use The Big Parade app to check in on show day during the upcoming #IIITheWorldTour in order to have a chance to win free merch, a VIP lounge upgrade, a potential meet n’ greet and more.  Please turn on the app’s push notifications to be alerted for the check in window in your city. We’ll contact you via DM if you’ve won!

Stay tuned on March 1st when we will roll out the list of full rewards and announce how you can officially redeem your points! 


What are gifts?



How do I change my password?

What if I forgot my password?

What if I have questions?